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Semester Project | Spring 2022

RobLearnX is a semester-long project which is an essential part of the ETC curriculum. For this project our client is Genevieve Johnson from the Roblox Education team, and our mission is to explore possibilities in building educational games and the assessment module along with it. 

For this project, my team did a lot of research on existing educational game structures and stealth assessment methods. Then made two demos each focusing on Physics and History to explore our own educational game systems.


A document of our exploration on educational games and assessment methods. As well as two demos to prove our points.

​Time Span

9/5/2022  -



Yutao Huang,

Chao Li,

Yincheng Qiu,

Yinxuan Liao,

Zizhuo Wang,

Haiyun Wu,

My Impact


Researched over educational games and assessment methods.


Researched over history teaching standards for middle school and composed mind map for our History demo.


Designed the core mechanic and structure of the History demo, as well as the levels in it.


Composed game design documents, including the past iteration of the demo for other developers to reference from.


Arranged multiple interview with educators to discuss common teaching standards, techniques and assessment methods.

My Impact

Dev Log

Dev Log

For more information please check the Dev logs bellow:

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