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Remember Me

Building Virtual Worlds| Fall 2021

Remember Me is a two weeks AR game design project me and my teammates made for the Building Virtual World class of the CMU ETC program. In this assignment we were required to create a interactive world in which there needs to be a character A and a character B, and the player needs to help character A to get away from character B.

Building Virtual World is one of the core classes of the ETC curriculum which requires students to get into group of 5 and build games/ experiences in a two-week time span. The most popular games of the semester will be selected and presented at the ETC Festival for all students and guests to play and enjoy.

Remember Me is a narrative AR game where the player needs to find memory pieces and protect them from the memory eating monster Momo, which symbolizes Alzheimer and memory lost. We hope to let people know the struggle of those who's been losing their memories, and give them more understanding.

​Time Span

An AR narrative game telling the story of a little girl and her grandma. 

2 Weeks

Yutao Huang

 Alexa Wang

Yincheng Qiu

Huijie Bao

Anlan Yang

My Impact


Conducted research over existing projects and held meetings to discuss game design directions with teammates


Designed the basic interaction of the game


Redesigned the story-telling process based on the interim feedback


Built 3D models, rigged and animated the memory eating monster Momo.

My Impact

We started with thinking of what fears do people have and what characters have the rivalry relationship.

Memory Lost



Light and Shadow

Fire and Ice






We thought the concept of memory lost and Alzheimer is an interesting and touching topic. Therefore I told the team that we can make a game about fixing and finding memories.

The game Assemble with Care was one of the games I found very inspiring, and I designed the interaction of our game based on it.



The simple drag and drop function is easy to realize and very intuitive on HoloLens, so we've decided to use that as the method of assembling the memories.

WeChat Image_20211215223418.jpg
WeChat Image_20211215223421.jpg
WeChat Image_20211215223427.jpg


Before the interim, I was able to create the basic models of the radio and designed a little monster called Momo as the "memory eater".

WeChat Image_20211216183832.jpg
WeChat Image_20211216183840.jpg
WeChat Image_20211216183844.jpg
WeChat Image_20211216183847.jpg

First Week Progress

Before the interim, we were able to finish the basic mechanism of the game, but we still have some placeholder models. 

First Week

Final Video


After the interim, the most important feedback we got was that we need to make a stronger connection between the actual world and the virtual world.


Then we came up with the idea of having an actual notebook that the player can interact with to start the game.

On the cover of the notebook there will be a memo from the little girl, asking us to help her retrieve her grandma's memory.

WeChat Image_20211216183804.jpg
WeChat Image_20211216183828.jpg

On the next few pages, there will be notes the little girl created for her grandma to remember certain everyday objects.

WeChat Image_20211216183824.jpg
WeChat Image_20211216183820.jpg

Then we will introduce the interaction mechanism and the little monster Momo to the player, letting them know what to do and what to avoid in the game.

WeChat Image_20211216183811.jpg
WeChat Image_20211216183815.jpg

Eventually to start the game, we decided to use the voice command function that HoloLens has. The player will have to say the word "remember me" to start the game.

WeChat Image_20211216183807.jpg

Models and Animation

Besides responding to feedback, I also spent time creating more models and animation for the game.

Screenshot 2021-12-16 185329.png
Screenshot 2021-12-16 185340.png
Screenshot 2021-12-16 185245.png
Screenshot 2021-12-16 185255.png
Screenshot 2021-12-16 185314.png

Final Video

Final Video
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