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Project Amazon

Semester Project | Spring 2022

Project Amazon is a semester-long project which is an essential part of the ETC curriculum. For this project our client is professor Stephan Caspar from CMU of Media Creation & Multi-Cultural Studies who is in charge of a multi-media learning space called the Askwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room. In the room there are a lot of VR/AR and other immersive devices, and our mission was to design an experience for the space that educate something about culture to the users/players.

Project Amazon is an asymmetric co-op experience that uses both three-wall projection system and Virtual Reality. The experience educates people of environment issues around the Amazon River from the perspective of the indigenous people.


An asymmetric co-op experience using both VR and 3-wall projection system, along with documentation for hand-over.

​Time Span

1/15/2022  - 5/13/2022


Yutao Huang

Nolan O'Keefe

Yiming Xiao,

Jia Du,

Tanvi Ganu,

Mincan Yang,

Shanshan Yuan

Dev Log and Trailer

Check the Weekly Dev logs here:

Video Trailer:

My Impact

My Impact


Researched over educational games and transformational experience to seek inspiration. Proposed multiple gameplay concepts to the client and the team.


Designed the core mechanic and structure of the game, as well as the UI framework and on-site layout.


Performed remote and on-site playtests of the experience, collected feedback, documented behaviors and made adjustments to the design accordingly.


Create the map design and laid out river map in Unity.


Worked with UI designer in our team over the UI elements and the user experience.



We started by looking into some existing educational games and transformational experiences for inspirations, as well as researching over different cultures and also some global issues.

We proposed three ideas to our client, and then we picked on that interested us the most.

WeChat Screenshot_20220921030355.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030410.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030405.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030350.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030359.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030345.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030415.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030421.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030431.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921030425.png


Player A
WeChat Screenshot_20220921021037.png

There will be two players in the game, player A would be a field agent who's going down the amazon river to take videos and document the pollution and deforestation.

While player A points his camera at a trigger point, he will be shown a real-world footage of the amazon that he "takes", and send it to the other player to document.

Player B

Player B on the other hand would be a research agent giving player B instructions on where he should go, and what he should be paying attention to.

Player B will also have to pair the footages sent from player A with verbal descriptions through a matching mechanic.

WeChat Screenshot_20220921020912.png
Mechanis and UI

Mechanics and UI

Some more detailed UI framework and Interaction maps. Here I am trying to make the experience user-friendly, immersive and intuitive.

WeChat Screenshot_20220921021333.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921021056.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921021310.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921021122.png

I then designed the map of the river and built it in Unity. I also collected the footages needed for the in-game matching, and planted them along the map.

Map Design

Map Design
WeChat Screenshot_20220921021224.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921021358.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220921023702.png


Our team did many playtests during the semester including ones using paper prototypes and Unity test builds.

Playtest Feedback
WeChat Screenshot_20220921025101.png

We've added new features, tuned our directions and tuned our experience multiple times responding to the playtest feedback.

Tutorial Video
Full Playthrough

Final Video Demo

Final Video
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