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Semester Project | Spring 2023

Project CAVERN is a semester-long project which is an essential part of the ETC curriculum. Our esteemed client for this project is Steve Audia, who built the C.A.V.E.R.N. system. This innovative projection system, featuring a 270-degree circular screen and a 20-foot-wide play area, aims to facilitate local multiplayer interactions within immersive virtual spaces.

Our deliverable for this project is a cooperative multiplayer experience that harnesses the power of both the expansive projection system and omnidirectional stereoscopy system. Our objective is to create a captivating 3-5 minute experience that showcases users on the incredible potential of the C.A.V.E.R.N. system, while emphasizing engaging player interactions, environment and game design, high-fidelity audio, and user tracking. 


A coop multiplayer experience in the CAVERN projection system, along with documentation for hand-over.

​Time Span

1/16/2023  - present


Yutao Huang

Yancan Wang,

Yigang Wen,

Patrick Cheng,

Pearson Zhu,

Zixuan Zhu

Dev Logs and First Level Trailer

Check the Weekly Dev logs here:


Video Trailer:

My Impact

My Impact


Researched over location-based games and immersive experiences to seek inspiration. Proposed multiple gameplay concepts to the client and the team.


Designed and tuned core mechanic, as well as encounter design in the levels.


Designed on-site playtests and playtest surveys of the experience, collected feedback, documented behaviors and made adjustments to the design accordingly.


Composed dev logs, presentations and worked on task tracking for the team.

One-Page Game Design Document

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