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Design Principle II | Spring 2019


Individual Project

“BOTTO” is a research project based on my research over the Indian Point Park which is located in Providence. By mapping out the facilities and pathways in the park and interviewing people using the park. I found several problems in the park that I’ve decided to use my design skills to solve them. Throughout the researching process I’ve decided to design a water bottle that’s eco-friendly and easy-to-manufacture for runners, and then we have “BOTTO”.

The Indian Point Park

India Point Park features 18 acres of open space, graceful trees, and walking paths along its 3,600-foot shoreline. Located at the confluence of the Seekonk and Providence Rivers where they widen into Narragansett Bay, the Park is the only broad expanse of Bay shoreline in Providence accessible to the public. Bordered by Interstate 195, it gives nearly 200,000 people a day a dramatic view of the Bay. India Point’s conspicuousness makes it a showcase, a signature park that underscores the sense of place in the capital city of the Ocean State.

Research Project Map (3).png

Bikes, runners resting area, wheelchair entrance

Start of bike path; runners, bikers and skateboarders



During our research, we found out that the park has a lot of problems. There’s not enough water resources and public bathrooms. With a lot of runners and bikers using the space, there’re definitely needs and design opportunities. I was specifically interested in the need of runners that I interviewed some runners at the park.



“The is my first time to the part but there’s definitely not enough water fountains. I don’t like to bring my water bottle with me while I’m running so I’ll have to get back to my car to get hydrated.”

“I come to the park once or twice a week to run and there really needs to be more water fountains and public restrooms. I don’t take my water bottle with me but I probably should because I don’t feel like I’m hydrated enough.”

“I normally come here twice a week for exercise. I use to bring my water bottle but It’s annoying to have water shaking in the bottle while I’m running. I don’t really trust the water resources in the park, I’ll use them only when I’m desperate because they look really dirty.”



With the result of the research, I've generated a persona for my target user group.

Let's meet John.


is 40 years old

is married with two kids.

is an owner of a restaurant in Providence.

participates in the Boston Marathon every year.

always keep his water bottle in his car while running instead of bringing it with him.

feels like he needs more water while running but there aren’t enough water fountains in the park.

doesn’t like to bring his water bottle because he hates the slashing sound of the water in the bottle.



My product provide a better way of getting hydrated for runners, especially when they are running a longer distance. I will do more researches over the parameters of water bottles and look more into similar consumer needs such as water bottles for rock climbers and bikers etc.

Final Design

After brainstorming and sketching, I’ve decided that my water bottle will have multiple compartments, each compartments will contain a certain amount of water that’s the right amount for runners to get hydrated. Therefore runners can finish one compartment at a time and don’t have to worry about the water shaking in the bottle.


Four liquid compartments

Wrist/hand band

Each compartment can hold up to 100 ml of water.

By finishing one compartment at a time, runners can take in the right amount of water each time and also don't have to bear with water moving/shaking in the bottle.

With four different compartments runners can also carry different kinds of liquid with one water bottle.

Inner Cap

With the band, runners won't have to change their hand position when drinking.

The inner cap is the part that holds the four compartments together. The indent on the inner cap helps providing a stronger grip when capping the inner pieces.


The opening helps users see the water easily.


The bottom of the compartments is not covered so that users can switch compartments without changing hand position. (1).gif

Section View & Exploded View



Image of all the parts disassembled.

portfolio botto-01.png
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