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Yutao Huang

Game Designer/ Experience Designer

Hi, my name is Yutao Huang and people just call me Tao. I am a game designer passionate in designing games that are rich in gameplay and full of interesting mechanisms.




A Bit About Me

I love to play FPS games and have spent over 3000 hours on them. I love the competitive nature of FPS games and how it's constantly pushing players to make conscious decisions. Map design and level design are super interesting in FPS games as a single wall/ cover can be super important to the players.

I also love independent games for their richness of gameplays. Popular indie games can always amaze me by either their creativeness. By playing them, I have gained a lot of fun and also an archive of interesting mechanics and systems that I can use for my own designs.

Work Experience

Sep 2022 - present

July 2022 - August 2022

June 2019 - August 2019

Game Designer/ Research Assistant

  • A continuation of the summer position.

  • Continue to playtest and polish the game built during the summer.

Game Designer

  • Designed a multiplayer co-op game from scratch for the purpose of human-machine teaming studies.

  • Communicate with collaborating research team to understand their research needs and transform them into in-game features.

  • Research over existing mechanisms and fit them into the context of the human-machine teaming study.

Product Design Intern

  • Conducted product market research and generated 4 complete product designs independently

  • Built 3D models of the product and produced refined renderings. Worked with senior engineers to detail the designs to manufacturable level.


Sep 2021 - present

July 2017 - May 2021

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Entertainment Technology

Rhode Island School of Design

Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Design

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