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Hi, I am Tao, a game designer 
who loves games with interesting mechanics and creative concepts.

Graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University  Entertainment Technology Center. Currently working on a project using CAVE projection system.

Game Projects


LBE, Game Design, Level Design

Designed an experience for a 270-degree CAVE projection system featuring ODS to showcase its potential.


Project Amazon

Semester Project, Game Design, Experience Design

Designed an transformational experience that combines projection and Virtual Reality for educational purpose.

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Dice Adventure

Game Design, Level Design, Asymmetric Co-op

Designed an asymmetric co-op game for the HCII research lab for the purpose of Human Machine Teaming studies.



Semester Project, Educational Game Design, Research Project

Researched over the building of educational games in Roblox and the assessment of learning. 

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Cyberland 2021

Game Design, Level Design, Body Tracking

Designed a co-op asymmetric platform game that uses body tracking as a core interactive element, as well as stages that pushes players to pose funnily.


Soul Ferry

Game Design, Experience Design, Virtual Reality

Designed a VR experience that tells a story about the Netherland. Practiced using indirect control to guide the player for smoother experience.

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Remember Me

Game Design, Augmented Reality

Designed a story-based AR experience that tells the struggle of those who's suffering from Alzheimer and memory loss.

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Game Design

Designed a story based strategy/puzzle game that highlights the societal problem of fake news and how misinformation spreads and polarizes different groups.

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Experience Projects

Sound Drop

Research Project, Experience Design, Hand-Tracking

Designed and developed an immersive space that enables player to edit sound in a more interactive and intuitive way.



Individual Project, Experience Design, Eye-Tracking

Created a interactive program to visualize people’s interaction and attention in online conferences. 



Individual Project, System Design, 3D Modeling

Designed a system/product aiming to assist the rehabilitation process for people who are suffering from Carpel-tunnel Syndrome.



Experience Design, System Design, Internet of Things

Designed a system designed for people in co-living environments. It helps people track their chores and manage their space in a more efficient way.

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